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 Lawn care in Mentor is unique to other areas in our region because of different soil types we find here. Sandy soil is predominately  found in the northern area of Mentor and clay soil is found in the southern portion of the city.

This becomes a challenge to determine what products are best for the different types of soil we encountered in one day.

Knowing what the soil pH is in certain areas are and what types of fertilizers work best in those soils is why you want our expertise.

We always have different kinds of fertilizers and soil amendments to ensure the best possible results.

So no need to worry. It's up to us to take of that.


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Lawn Fertilization                                Flea and Tick Control                                        Green Keeper Lawn Care

Core Aeration                                      Firewood                                                             10900 Mitchells Mill Rd.

Lime                                                    Organic Lawn Care                                              Chardon, Ohio 44024

Season Long Grub Control

Tree & Shrub Care                                                                                                                440-488-8746

Landscape Weed Control