Grub Control

What are Grubs?      


  • Grubs are the larvae of Japanese Beetles or European Chafer Beetles.
  • They feed on the roots of grass normally in September and October causing the grass to die seemingly overnight. Because grubs feed on the roots of the lawn the damage goes unnoticed until the visual signs occur.
  • The life cycle is one year for most grubs. They hatch in late July or August. Feed on the grass roots and damage lawns in September and October. They borrow deep into the soil in the late fall and survive over winter only to feed again in May and finally pupating into the adult beetles we see flying around our gardens during the summer.
  • The adult beetles are not harmful to turf but they do damage certain leaves of trees and shrubs through the summer months. Below is a good picture of adult beetle damage on a leaf.
  • Adult Japanese beetles have a short life span: 30-45 days on average. Females feed, mate and lay eggs — repeating the process every 24 to 48 hours. At each egg laying, female beetles deposit one to 5 eggs  4 inches deep in soil. That means every female beetle can lay up to 200-245 eggs.

  Protect your Lawn from Grub damage

An application of preventative grub control will protect your lawn from grubs feeding on your lawn when they hatch. We apply Preventative Grub Control in June or July to guarantee a grub free lawn all season long.




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