Basic Lawn Care Plan

                Basic Lawn Care Plan

  •  6 Balanced fertilizer applications: Every 5-6 weeks to ensure a green lush lawn all season long
  • 2 Crabgrass pre-emergent applications: Ensures the longest window of crabgrass control thru the summer months
  • Surface insect control as needed throughout the season: Controls turf damaging insects like Chinch Bugs and Bill Bugs
  • Weed control as needed  throughout the year: You have a weed free lawn from Spring thru Fall
  • FREE... Service Calls as needed: If you have any concerns we'll come out and take a look for you
  • Lawn inspection and recommendations: We make you aware of any problems we may see on your lawn and give you a recommendation that would help.
  • Optional Season Long Grub Control: You always have the option to order Grub Control as the season progresses.
  • Optional Core Aeration in the Fall: We aerate in the Fall months so there is always time to order Aeration.
  • Optional Lime Treatment: Lime can be applied any time during the year to help improve the soil.


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Lawn Fertilization                                Flea and Tick Control                                        Green Keeper Lawn Care

Core Aeration                                      Firewood                                                             10900 Mitchells Mill Rd.

Lime                                                    Organic Lawn Care                                              Chardon, Ohio 44024

Season Long Grub Control

Tree & Shrub Care                                                                                                                440-488-8746

Landscape Weed Control